Boas: transfer work unfinished, buying and selling are possible

Boas: transfer work unfinished, buying and selling are likely spurs coach Boas said in an interview, the transfer of the team work is not completed yet, whether to buy or sell are possible. According to “post” news, the White Hart Lane superstar Baer is on the 94000000 pounds for real madrid. Spurs chairman Levi on Wednesday night was to discuss a transfer of Baer and Real Madrid directors, his aim is to ensure that the club to get as much money as possible out of the deal. Therefore his negotiating position is still tough, he determined to put Fabio Coentrao out of the deal out, while Real Madrid is going to use the Portugal defender left offset part of the cash expenditure. In Thursday’s Europa League qualifiers, spurs coach Boas Baer stressed that the transaction did not complete. But the Real Madrid directors believe, they can before 2 September of the Welsh star. At present, all the signs are that, Baer has been imminent transfer. The White Hart Lane in the summer has spent more than 60000000 pounds for reinforcements, they will also at  30000000 signing Anzhi star William. Rome star Lamela’s move is also in negotiations, the young attacker is valued at 30000000 pounds. In the European fiscal fairness principle, if not to sell Baer, Tottenham are difficult to spend 120000000 pounds to buy star. Although Boas denied Baer the transaction has been completed, wholesale soccer jersey but in the Europa League football before the press conference, the Portuguese tone softening. He said: ideally, we want to keep everyone, to make the team stronger it is club goal. But we are still in the transfer market, the situation may become very crazy. Whether to buy or sell, we may be. Then Boas added: signing players in this year, we show the team’s lofty ideals and high aspirations. We look forward to become stronger than ever, and I have no doubt. At the moment the team proved that this intention. We’re not just on the line-up for minor repairs, but also add a lot of genius. In view of the soccer jersey supplier performance of the season, I think the team will become very, very powerful. This goal depends on whether or not we can complete the transaction closed in the transfer market, they need to work is not the end. As for whether Spurs have been able to challenge for the Premier League title, the Portuguese replied: I don’t think spurs has been one of the contenders for the title, because all things are in change. At the moment, we must rely on the new players to build a team. Time is very tight, but I believe that in the future this (title) can definitely achieve. England has a lot of teams, they invested a lot of money reinforcement. In my opinion, the Premier League is the best league in the world, but also Everfount to attract the best players playing here. We hope to build a strong team in the future, and has invested heavily in building club. So I hope that dream can be realized in the next few years.

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